Solar Energy Options

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Ron Dorris earned his electrical contracting license in 1978. His first solar energy system was installed in 1979.

A significant factor in designing and installing your solar power system is for you to rest assured that an electrical contractor did this work. Your system will live and produce for well over 30 years. Designing and installing it with extreme longevity in mind is the ONLY way we do this for you.

Throughout the years many, many solar companies in our three counties “got in” the business and are now gone. We get calls to repair these systems. Unfortunately, the customer ends up paying twice for their investment. What serves you best is a company that will sell only Tier 1 equipment (it’s not the cheapest, ever) and a company that will design it specifically for your location, not a “big box” “cookie cutter” prepackaged system that the selling machines offer.

After all, this is your investment, not for their convenience. And we are here to stay. If you need us, we’re here. You really want to do this only once, which is why we guarantee your satisfaction with our services.