The Benefits of Choosing Local Electricians

Hiring expert local electricians for your electrical projects is vital. An electrical issue arising from the service of quack electricians can put your family at risk of electric shocks, fires, and aggravating outages. Experience, licenses, and insurance are critical elements to include in your list of “must haves” when contracting with a company.

Localized Experience

It is one thing for electricians to have general experience, and it is quite another to have experience in a certain region. We have been doing work in our area since 1989. We have experience with the dozens of building departments and what they require which results in projects that are completed sooner, for less money due to getting the project completed properly the very first time.

Verifiable Testimonials

Like everything these days, you can find out about us on the internet. Our web page is meant to be very easy to navigate and not bore you to tears or worse. However, while that is good [and very easy] we feel you need to have more available to you if you want it. We have many, many customers that you can contact to inquire about their experiences with us. I say experiences as we have a ton of repeat customers that we have worked with over all these years. Let us know and we’ll supply you with as many names and numbers as you’d like.

Easy Communication

Speaking to someone from your area is easier since you can make references to similar things. You know the same malls, stores, towns, and likely some of the same people.

All of us here at Ron Dorris Electric & Solar are a solid team of highly experienced electricians & support staff who are excited to be able to attend to all your residential and commercial needs. Give us a call on 866-667-4625 today or reach out to us through our web page to experience premier service.