The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Commercial Mill Valley Electrician

When it comes to maintaining the electrical service within your Mill Valley business, you can’t hire just any electrician.  You need a Mill Valley electrician with genuine experience, along with an understanding of both the technology and the regulations surrounding commercial-grade electrical systems.

With the right electrical contractor by your side, you’ll be able to provide your employees and customers/clients with superior in-office facilities, while fully complying with all local, state, & national codes.

Why Look for The Most Experienced Commercial Electrician You Can Find

There’s simply no substitute for experience.  When an electrical contractor has decades of experience working on projects both large and small, it’s the client who truly benefits.   Some of the benefits of partnering with the right Mill Valley electrician include:

  • High-capacity electrical systems capable of handling all the technology and equipment in your building while still leaving room to grow in the future without straining your system.
  • Superior lighting design, including the latest in innovations, along with full installation to ensure everything looks beautiful & functions well when the lights come on.
  • Communications and data cabling, needed to keep your computers, tablets, and smart phones connected to the internet, along with electrical-bearing systems such as Power-over-Ethernet cabling.
  • Automation systems which can bring the latest in state-of-the-art electrical control to your building.  You can save money while using computer controls to create optimal environments for everyone throughout the workday.
  • Security, including motion detectors, time clocks, photo cells, and more to control outdoor security lighting and camera systems for your observational needs.
  • Three-phase electrical systems, needed to power commercial & industrial equipment, which residential-focused electricians are often not qualified to deal with.
  • Solar power options, including on-roof panel installations, which can substantially reduce your reliance on the municipal power grid while saving money every month.

Plus, of course, you’ll know that one of the most valuable aspects of your on-site infrastructure is being handled by experts who truly know what they’re doing.  You’ll have superior systems capable of lasting for  decades, while passing any inspections with flying colors.

Choose Ron Dorris Electric & Solar As Your Mill Valley Electrician

With nearly 40 years of experience serving the Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties, Ron Dorris Electric & Solar has been picked time and time again by local businesses who need the best in electrical contracting services.  Contact the Ron Dorris team today at 415-381-0215 for a full consultation on your needs.