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Solar Companies – Who is Going To Be Around?

A potential customer “interviewed” me about my company the other day. Instead of diving right into the fun stuff, solar panels, the tax incentives, money saved, the aesthetics, things like this; I was asked, “What happens down the road should there be a need for a repair?” I was pleasantly surprised

Important Commercial Electrical Services You May Need in Sonoma County

Running a business or owning a commercial property often requires you to outsource some services to professionals who specialize in non-residential facilities. This is especially true when dealing with electrical work. A commercial building may have a much larger power source, which means working with the larger system possesses additional challenges and dangers. If you’re […]

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Commercial Mill Valley Electrician

When it comes to maintaining the electrical service within your Mill Valley business, you can’t hire just any electrician.  You need a Mill Valley electrician with genuine experience, along with an understanding of both the technology and the regulations surrounding commercial-grade electrical systems. With the right electrical contractor by your side, you’ll be able to provide your […]

What to Expect from Commercial Electric Services in Sonoma County

There is no shortage of commercial electric contractors in Sonoma County, which can make it difficult for a business to know who they can trust with their vital infrastructure.  After all, electricity is truly the lifeblood of a modern business.  From the overhead lights to the cash registers to their network/data center, a company experiencing […]

Use a Licensed Electrician in Marin County and Reap the Benefits

Many home and business owners tend to cut corners when it comes to using certified and licensed contractors. They simply cannot justify the extra cost. On the other hand, prudent owners in Marin County understand the need to use a California licensed Electrical Contractor when it comes to electrical work. Certainly, you can expect to […]

The Benefits of Choosing Local Electricians

Hiring expert local electricians for your electrical projects is vital. An electrical issue arising from the service of quack electricians can put your family at risk of electric shocks, fires, and aggravating outages. Experience, licenses, and insurance are critical elements to include in your list of “must haves” when contracting with a company. Localized Experience […]

We Provide Commercial Electric in Sonoma County

Are you looking for a company that provides commercial electric in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties? Many customers only call electricians when they have an emergency. However, you need to have an experienced electrician on your speed dial at all times. When you build a rapport with an electrician, he will conduct regular inspections in […]

We Employ Only the Best Electricians in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties

Our electricians in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties at Ron Dorris Electric are highly trained and have years of experience. Providing you with only the best service with professional & respectful electricians in your home or business is what we do. Our electricians in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties provide the following services which include: […]

Selecting Chandelier Lighting For Your Home

With such a variety of Chandeliers available today there is always that perfect one for any home. With a range of styles, designs and finishes to choose from selecting a chandelier can be as much of a creative process as you would like it to be. Each chandelier adds a touch of class to any […]

Lamp Lighting Basics

Lighting can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home instantly. It can make a small room look open and airy, and large rooms appear warm, cozy and inviting. It can create a stimulating atmosphere for a night of entertaining, or a quiet feeling of relaxation after a long, tiring day. […]