We Employ Only the Best Electricians in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties

Our electricians in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties at Ron Dorris Electric are highly trained and have years of experience. Providing you with only the best service with professional & respectful electricians in your home or business is what we do.

Our electricians in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties provide the following services which include:

Service, Installation and Repairs

This includes a variety of services, for just about everything you had in mind from outlets and switches to hot tubs and saunas. Also we upgrade entire metered services, subpanels, wire remodels & new homes along with the same for commercials buildings, too. For an extended list of our services, please check out this link.

New Construction

We provide new construction and remodeling electrical services to give you the power you need in just the right areas, following the latest government regulations and codes. It can be difficult at times to find the best electrical contractor who can work with you and give you the best deal, but rest assured that we are here for you.

Solar Systems

Solar is a great way to harness the sun’s power to give you virtually free electricity. Most solar systems enjoy a high IRR [internal rate of return] on your investment. The Federal Tax Credit is available until December 31, 2019.

Electric Vehicle Charging – EVC

Do you have an electric vehicle that needs to be charged? We are certified installers for Tesla & Bosch and install charging stations for these and many other brands as well.

We are Here to Help

If you’re in need of a quality electrical contractor in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties we encourage you to call Ron Dorris Electric & Solar today at 707-578-0678. You’ll be glad you did!