What to Expect from Commercial Electric Services in Sonoma County

There is no shortage of commercial electric contractors in Sonoma County, which can make it difficult for a business to know who they can trust with their vital infrastructure.  After all, electricity is truly the lifeblood of a modern business.  From the overhead lights to the cash registers to their network/data center, a company experiencing electrical problems is going to have a very hard time maintaining business as usual.

If you’re in need of better commercial electric services in Sonoma County, we’ve got some tips to help you separate the truly great contractors from all the rest.

What to Look for When Choosing Commercial Electric Contractors in Sonoma County

  1. Local Service

In most situations, it’s better to stay local for your electrical services even if a contractor further away is ostensibly offering a better deal.  You’re likely to find that the travel costs quickly eat away at any extra savings and response time can be costly. Our existing customers know how fast we respond to the electrical needs in emergency situations and for planned projects as well. Further, with our list of electrical customers who have hired us repeatedly that is available to you, it’s far easier to do the due diligence about who we are and we can do for you.

  1. Significant Years of Experience

Electricians come and go often; the churn rate is constant in this industry.  Accordingly, one of the surest signs of a great electrical contractor is simple longevity.  An electrical contracting company which has managed to stay in business for decades is clearly one which has a strong base of regular clients and support from satisfied past customers.  Plus, those years of experience means they’re far more likely to have experience in whatever area you need.

  1. Referrals and Testimonials

Often, there’s no better way to evaluate the quality of an electrician than by talking to their past clients.  A high-grade contractor should have a list of customers who will be happy to provide testimonials. We do!  Be wary of those who don’t want to discuss their past customers’ experiences.

  1. Strong Warranties

Will they stand by their work?  Do they offer extended warranties at little or no cost?  Will they fix mistakes for free?  This is another clear area of differentiation.  Strong warranty and repair policies aren’t just a matter of financial security for you, it’s a way for the contractor to say, “We really believe in the quality of our offered products and services.”

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