What to Expect from a Mill Valley Electrician

Seems like these days an increasing amount of things are complicated. Navigating insurance, anything governmental, things like this simply don’t make sense and finding a person to resolve issues is quite a challenge. Mill Valley Electrician Ron Dorris Electric completely eliminates this type of experience for you when you need some sort of diagnosis or repair or adding something to your home or business.

Contacting the Electrician

During business hours, your call is answered by our pleasant, well-trained, and very helpful staff. Appointments are set that meet your time frame needs and confirmation calls are made to let you know we are on our way or to reschedule if something has come up for you. All this occurs before we ring your doorbell.

Value Assessment

When one of our Certified Electricians arrives, you will experience continued positive and respectful interactions. The first thing you’ll become aware of is how intently the electrician listens to what your reason for calling is. Then, once you have approved of the electrician’s proposal to meet these requests, you’ll see that while carrying out your wishes, the electrician will also protect your floors and property, guard your pets, clean up thoroughly and communicate with you all along the way in language you can understand. Of course, all work will meet or exceed both the California Electrical Code and the National Electrical Code along with any local codes that may apply. Always safe is our standard, not a goal!

You can find us working as a Mill Valley Electrician and throughout all of Marin, Sonoma, & Napa counties.

Call Ron Dorris Electric & Solar now at 1-866-NO SHOCKS (866-667-4625) or visit www.rondorriselectric.com.