Local Electricians Do a Better Job

There are times when you might want to upgrade specific things in your home, build on a new addition, remodel a kitchen or bathroom to provide more living space. With this in mind, you will have to get all the right permits, and you also will have to find local electricians who are trustworthy and licensed to get the job done right the first time.

You might ask the question, what do I look for in local electricians to make sure they’re qualified to do a good job? Today, we will go over this question in detail.

Characteristics of a Quality Electrician

A qualified electrician will always be able to provide you with the required licenses and permits that are needed to perform work in your state. This electrician should be up to date with their liability insurance and be willing to show you proof of insurance. If they hesitate, that’s a sure sign that they don’t run their business well and keep up to date insurances and licenses.

The electrician should be able to produce references from local clients that they have helped so that you can contact them for an evaluation of the electrician’s work. You should also be able to ask these clients whether or not the electrician met their deadlines and stayed on budget. We are happy to supply you with as many references as you’d like. Simply ask.

Warranty: The State of California requires contractors to warranty their workmanship for one year. Our published, long standing warranty on workmanship is this. We warranty our workmanship for as long as you own and live in your home!

A qualified electrician keeps up with the current technology trends to ensure proper safety and energy efficiency for both residential and commercial properties. You should be able to talk to these electricians to discuss strategies to enhance the performance of your electrical system that is already in place to help reduce your current power consumption and possibly even save you money over time.

Typical Electrician

The jobs that we work on fall within these general categories:

  • Electrical panel repair & replacement
  • Adding in circuits
  • Outlet installations including standard, GFCI, ARC-Fault, Tamper proof, & more
  • Light fixture installations such as recessed, LED, safety, art work, task, landscape & more
  • Lifestyle enhancements i.e. hot tubs, home theatres,  remodels,
  • Green energy such as solar systems & Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Other electrical jobs such as low voltage, data, telephone, & POE [power over Ethernet]
  • And many more


If you happen to be in the Sonoma, Marin, & Napa County area and are looking for high-quality professional local electricians that are licensed and insured, we encourage you to call us, Ron Dorris Electric & Solar at 866-667-4625. 866- NO SHOCKS.