We Provide Commercial Electric in Sonoma County

Are you looking for a company that provides commercial electric in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties? Many customers only call electricians when they have an emergency. However, you need to have an experienced electrician on your speed dial at all times. When you build a rapport with an electrician, he will conduct regular inspections in your business or your home, too, and spot problems.

A good electrician familiarizes himself with your building’s system and discovers emerging situations before they turn into major problems. An electrical contractor deals with critical systems that affect almost every aspect of your business &/or your home and can detect possible causes of major damage and inconveniences, as well as prevent fires from malfunctions.

When hiring an electrician, you should ask about the following:

Up-to-date education

If the electrician comes from a reputable company, he will need to attend regular courses that keep him at the top of his game and be prepared to handle commercial & residential electric in Sonoma, Marin, & Napa Counties. Moreover, regular training ensures that he learns the National Electrical Code & the California Electrical Code, both of which are updated every three years.

Pulling permits

In most counties, a permit is required when customers are doing a significant electrical job. The cost of obtaining one should be included in the electrician’s bid, but you should ensure that it is. The permit comes with an inspection to make certain that the electric work meets code.


California Contracting Law requires the companies are Electrical Contractors and that electricians are either certified or in an approved training program. Check whether your electrician’s license is current or expired is a smart thing to do. Type CSLB into your search engine. There you can check the status of any contracting firm’s license.

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