The Benefits of Using a Local Electrician in Sonoma County

If you’ve been meaning to add an electrician to your “go-to” contractor list, you may have been told to “go local” – in other words, to find a trusted and reliable electrician in Sonoma County.

This is outstanding advice, as the benefits add up when you consider the following:

  • A local electrician in Sonoma County  should possess a keen understanding of the rules and regulations that govern your specific community – not to mention the people who enforce them. Greater knowledge usually translates into fewer oversights, delays and even mistakes. We work daily with the various building departments in the county and with PG&E.
  • A local electrician, especially one who is well established, should be a well-known professional who can provide you with references. Some of these references might even be your neighbors, whom you can easily call or even visit. We are happy to provide you with as many references as you’d like.
  • A local electrician is more likely to deliver outstanding customer service because his or her business depends on word-of-mouth referrals. Everyone defines “customer service” in different terms, but the best electricians explain what they’re doing, in language you can easily understand and why they’re doing it and encourage your questions along the way. Well over half of our business comes from repeat business with existing customers and referrals from existing customers.
  • A local electrician is more likely to operate within a network of ancillary housing experts. Call them “connections” who you can trust as the referral comes from us, your electrician that you already trust.
  • A local electrician enjoys the advantage of proximity – no small thing if you’re in the middle of an electrical crisis and time is of the essence.

Many homeowners in Sonoma County have sized up the benefits of hiring a local electrician and have turned to Ron Dorris Electric & Solar. The company has been – pardon the pun – a “fixture” in Sonoma County since 1989 by providing a full range of electrical services and repairs. Call 866-667-4625 866-NO SHOCKS, when you want the most reputable and experienced electrician in Sonoma County on your “go-to” contractor list. Licensed since 1978 and “local” since 1989.