Use a Licensed Electrician in Marin County and Reap the Benefits

Many home and business owners tend to cut corners when it comes to using certified and licensed contractors. They simply cannot justify the extra cost. On the other hand, prudent owners in Marin County understand the need to use a California licensed Electrical Contractor when it comes to electrical work. Certainly, you can expect to pay a little more by using a licensed electrician, but the benefits you reap vastly outweigh the few extra dollars spent. Here is why:

Reliability – Many people can “make things work” when it comes to electricity. This does not mean these fixes are safe, up to code, or covered by insurance in the event of a failure. Our Certified Electricians are very well trained in the nuances of electrical systems. They have at least 4,000 documentable hours of training and experience before they can take the test for the very first time.

Durability – A job well done will last for years without degrading. Use of a certified electrician means that you will not be making the same repair in a couple of months or even years. In short, the use of our well-trained, certified electricians actually pays for itself in the number of service calls that do not have to be made. Not to mention aggravation you won’t suffer through when the “good deal” electrical work fails prematurely.

Safety – Most importantly, a California licensed Electrical Contractor, such as ourselves ensure that any repair or installation work done by us is up to the State & National Electrical codes and therefore are as safe as can be. Poorly installed wiring can result in short-circuits that lead to fires or electrocution. The small amount of extra money for this type of work is easily worth the peace of mind that it brings.

Residents who are in need of a licensed  contractor who employs fully certified electricians and others who are enrolled in state approved training programs  should contact Ron Dorris Electric & Solar. All our electricians are fully certified and our trainees are supervised by one of our Certified Journeymen Electricians. Please contact us on our website,, or call us directly at (866) 667-4625 for more information.