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Thanks for being curious enough to click in. Investing a few minutes of your time and maybe your significant other’s time, too, will let you evaluate who we are and how we feel about all who work here. Perhaps it will appeal to you and your values. Welcome!

Does your job offer career growth? A chance to use your brain along with your skills? Or is this pretty much it? Said another way, “Is your job a dead end?” Finally, do you like where you work? Please, take a moment…do you really like where you work? Or could it be you are simply “familiar” and “used to” where you work?

Are you appreciated for your contributions where you are? If you are in a position to make a decision that will keep a customer happy or keep a project moving along efficiently and you make one, are you acknowledged, in a positive way, for stepping up? If not, would you like to be? What if your decision turned out to not work out so well? Are ridicule, scorn, and/or threats thrown at you? Or are there constructive ideas along with solid solutions, spoken with respect, shared with you? In here, you’ll experience the 2nd approach — respectful, thought-out constructive ideas and solutions you can toss into your own toolbox, things you’ll be able to use with someone else in the company down the road as you help them along with their career here. I’m not saying we are all touchy-feely over here. Hell, it’s construction. But when someone can use their head along with their hands and is willing to take on some responsibility, this is very, very important and valuable. At least it is to us. We thrive on people taking initiative and won’t beat you up verbally for trying.

What happens when you take time off? Do you even take time off? Guilt-free? Can you afford to take time off? Here, our team members are encouraged to take their time off, without their cell phones or laptops. True-time off. And A LOT of it is PAID time off. And by time off, we don’t just mean vacation time. We also mean for you to be able to plan time off or arrange your workday schedule to be able to make that soccer game, the parent-teacher conference, to get ready for that special date night, things like this. We can’t always meet every request, but if you saw our scheduling board you’d see things like “Wednesday & Friday: John has to pick up Sierra at 4:30” or where Josh has to drop off Lily at school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. These things are very important and we strive to honor them as best we can.

What I’ve observed over the years about we electricians and people in the trades, in general, is that many of us quit work broke a lot of the time. Broke physically, broke financially, and sometimes broke emotionally. All the years and years of hard work and not as much good to show for it as we might like.

For our employees we offer:

  • Competitive wages
  • Paid health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Paid training

What are your contributions? Willingness

  • Willingness to contribute, to suit up, and show up each day with a good attitude and a drive to accomplish
  • Willingness to learn and treat training seriously
  • Willingness to be a positive team member
  • Willingness to hold yourself accountable

Lastly, we are very, very discreet. I get it that there might be a huge risk in you even talking with us about what we have to offer. It’s unfortunate that some employers would feel threatened and might retaliate. But I get it. Lips zipped here. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me directly. And if you want, you don’t even have to tell me your name.

We also have a 3rd party that you could speak to and get a fresh perspective. He lives in Hawaii, so there is no chance of you losing your anonymity. His number is 808-497-1492. His name is Keith. Why not give him a call, like right now?

Ok, I’m done for now. If you decide to take this further, contact me in any way that makes sense for you or call Keith.

My regards,

Ron Dorris – Ron Dorris Electric & Solar

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