Power Restoration to Fire Damaged Properties

An installed power pole
During the fires, many properties lost their source of power from PG&E due to damage or burned down power poles. At Ron Dorris Electric & Solar, we can install temporary power poles and permanent power poles to get your power back up and running! Because of all the codes (California Electrical Codes, National Electrical Codes), Sonoma County Building rules & regulations, and all of the specific PG&E requirements, the process can be quite complex. (It’s A LOT to navigate!)

That’s why we are here – to assist you in as many of the rebuilding steps as you’d like. We have helped many people through the process of getting their power back on and we can help you too! Call us right now – we can get you to a point where you can have power back on your property in no time so that you can move forward with bringing life back to normal.

For 39 years, we have been a full-service electrical contracting company in Northern California. Currently, we serve Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties. In certain circumstances, we serve a larger area. We do everything, from wiring entire homes and buildings to remodels and small jobs all the way down to simple repairs such as switches and outlets. And, we’ll design and install your solar system as well – our first alternative energy system was installed in 1979.

Call now – we are ready to help with all of your electrical needs!

We’re here to help you get your power back on

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