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Ron Dorris earned his electrical contracting license in 1978. His first solar energy system was installed in 1979.

A significant factor in designing and installing your solar power system is for you to rest assured that an electrical contractor did this work. Your system will live and produce for well over 30 years. Designing and installing it with extreme longevity in mind is the ONLY way we do this for you.

Throughout the years many, many solar companies in our three counties “got in” the business and are now gone. We get calls to repair these systems. Unfortunately, the customer ends up paying twice for their investment. What serves you best is a company that will sell only Tier 1 equipment (it’s not the cheapest, ever) and a company that will design it specifically for your location, not a “big box” “cookie cutter” prepackaged system that the selling machines offer.

After all, this is your investment, not for their convenience. And we are here to stay. If you need us, we’re here. You really want to do this only once, which is why we guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

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Solar Electric Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of a solar panel system?

Some companies can quote a price immediately over the phone. They have set “packages” they sell. Sounds nice, but it doesn’t serve our customers very well as each home is different in their usages. Pre-packaged systems serve the seller’s needs not the customer’s. There are many variables that affect the final investment amount of each and every system. For all these years we have had only 1 approach. We take into account all the information we need and design a system, specifically taylored to benefit our customer the most.

How much can I save by adding solar panels?

Savings can be anywhere from a portion of the bills, all the way to eliminating the electrical billing entirely, with the exception of amounts that are not allowed to be eliminated by PG&E. Fortunately, those charges, called Non-bypassable charges, are not very high.

What can I expect for solar panel maintenance?

Maintenance is not a big issue or expense. A periodic inspection is a wise investment. Cleaning of the panels can be a cost if one doesn’t clean them on their own. Still, it doesn’t cost much.

What is the life span of solar panels?

Systems are guaranteed for certain levels of production throughout a 25-year span. That said, there are systems over 35 years old that still produce nicely. We build our systems to last 35 to 40 years. We install high-grade material and equipment with techniques that insure the workmanship is sound for a very, very long time.

Are there limitations (things that might prevent me from having solar, such as roof type, shade, etc.)?

Yes, there can be. This is precisely why we design each system based upon each customer’s exact situation instead of from a cookie cutter set of offerings that the high volume sales houses sometimes pitch.

What types of solar panels are available?

There are many manufacturers. We select based upon criteria that demonstrates longevity of the equipment, and the company as well. The most important considerations are the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process and the methods of assembly. These have to last, regardless, even if the solar panel manufacturing company isn’t around.

Are there any new improvements in Solar that make it better than it was a few years ago?

Like most everything, the companies continue to improve on their products. It’s never ending but the gains made these days don’t seem to be giant leaps anymore. The technology has been refined.

Are there any government programs I can take advantage of if I install solar panels?

The 30% Federal Tax Credit is still in place. That means if you have a 10,000.00 tax credit for installing a system, that $10,000.00 comes off the amount of income taxes you owe the IRS. AND, it doesn’t have to be used in just one year. You can have your CPA apply portions of the credit in future years when it might serve you better. You will want to discuss with your CPA, what benefits will be applicable to you.

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Communications are always straight-up and work done to high standards. I'll use again and suggest to my friends.

- Rick S

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Customer Reviews

I chose Ron Dorris Electric to install our solar system and replace our main electric service panel. All of the work, from the initial design with Ron to the install was done competently and professionally. I appreciated the office staff's communication and coordination, as well as the expertise of the workers sent to perform each phase of the job. I highly recommend Ron Dorris electric.

- June S

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Customer Reviews

I am so pleased with my Solar System, have given your name to 4 potential customers (even my roofer asked for your information, they were so impressed with the installation on my roof). I am so very happy to see my PG&E bill, I can not tell you how much of a difference that made. I find your company to be beyond friendly and courteous, you guys are responsive and behaved responsibly which is why I recommend you to anyone who needs any electrical/solar work. I dealt with Jeremy, who was fantastic!! So were the team who installed my Solar Panels. By profession I am a trauma ICU nurse, I know a lot about injuries but when it comes to electricity, I do know how to turn a switch on. I do appreciate your honesty and would love to get future updates about my Solar System and PG&E. Summer is coming and I know my A/C will be working a lot.

- R L - Napa, CA

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