Power Generators

Given the state of uncertainty of the availability of electricity from PG&E, a generator makes very good sense to protect your family, your pets, and your property! Whether you live out in the country or in town, you can have a back-up generator! We will help you determine what it is that needs power and then calculate the perfect size of generator to meet those needs/desires. Here are a few reasons why people purchase generators from us.

  • Protect their family
  • Keeps water flowing if on a well system
  • Keeps septic system working if there is a pump that runs it
  • Keeps their food protected
  • Keeps any medical equipment running
  • Keeps air conditioning & heating running
  • Keeps communications operating (internet, phones, computers, etc.
  • Keeps alarm systems operational
  • Keeps lights (inside & out) working
  • And more……

Power Generator FAQs

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What do generators do?

Standby Generators provide peace of mind!
Knowing you will have power regardless if the grid is down, for any reason, simply brings peace of mind, knowing you are taking care of your family & your property. Standby generators are wired into your home’s electrical system and require no setup when an outage occurs. They require minimal maintenance once professionally installed by Ron Dorris Electric.

What type of generator should I get?

Depends on what you want it to do and how you want to run it.
If you have just 1 or 2 things you want it to provide power to or if you want to run your entire property, or somewhere in=between, there is a generator just right for your situation. We will help you determine what loads you might want and then, when those are figured out, we’ll size the generator for you.

Should I get a portable generator or a standby generator?

Portable generators require several things to function. First, someone has to be around to plug it in and turn it on. If the power is out for any length of time, someone has to be there to pour more fuel into it. This also means someone has to be sure and go to the gas station and get gasoline.

A standby generator, with an automatic transfer switch, turns itself on and off regardless of time of day or where you are. It constantly monitors the grid. If the grid gets out of normal operating range, the transfer switch takes over, disconnects your home or business from the grid, and starts the generator. Then, when it is running smoothly, (a matter of seconds) reconnects to your electrical circuits and powers them up.

If I want to run a lot of things, won’t it be as big as my car?

No, that is simply not the case if one knows how to size properly. And, we do. We can employ energy management devices and software’s that will allow your system to run what you want, yet keep the size down which means you get to be safe & comfortable for less money.

How does the power generator start & stop?

You can have it start on its own (automatic switch) when it knows that PG&E is not turned on or you can start it yourself (manual start & switch). Either work well.

How do I know it will start up when I need it?

Depends. If you have an automatic start set up, it exercises itself routinely. Generally, once every 1 or 2 weeks. This keeps the system functioning.

The smaller, manual start generators, the management of those is up to you. You can start them as often as you’d like to ensure they will start and run when you need them.

Do I have to have an automatic transfer switch?

Should you not wish to have an automatic transfer switch this is ok, too. We install manual transfer switches.

Aren’t the automatic start switches very expensive?

Like so many things, these have come way down in price. Used to be a huge difference. Not so much anymore.

Why would I want an Auto-transfer switch?

Standby Generators from Ron Dorris Electric are outfitted with a smart, sophisticated power management system and automatic transfer switch. Our experts will install your transfer switch to protect you and utility worker’s safety from back feed.

They will also prioritize the cycling power between critical appliances like

  • sump pumps
  • heaters and ventilation systems
  • medical equipment
  • internet connections
  • well pumps
  • septic pumps
  • and more…

They also provide for lighting, outlets, and the very basics of electrical needs. If it is important to you, we’ll get it connected.
Restoring power happens with zero action from you, once you’ve told us your priorities.

What do generators cost?

Generator systems for your home, including the transfer switch and other components and installation, usually run somewhere between $7.000.00 to $15,000.00. The installation is different for each and every home.

There is the physical placement of the generator, the electrical circuitry, and the gas piping that make up the entire project. Once we meet with you on site, we take a comprehensive look at your site, factor in all the information and will present you with a proposal based solely upon your site parameters for your consideration.

What fuel will run my generator?

The fuel for standby generators is generally natural gas and propane. They run from either. Your generator will be connected into the natural gas system if you have one.

In the event there is an earthquake and the natural gas system is disrupted, you simply connect into a propane tank and switch the source control. If you don’t have natural gas piped in already, the generator will be piped into your propane system.

Are generators noisy?

They do make noise. Generally about the same as an outdoor air conditioner. There are sound charts that illustrate what any particular generator will sound like.

How will I learn to run and maintain my generator?

We will review everything with you when we install it and start it up the first time. Then, you will receive the Owner’s manual for it. There is tech support from the manufacturer at your fingertips, AND, we are still around. We’ve been in business for 41 years and have no plans of going anywhere.

How big of a generator do I need?

Very important question. We will meet with you and work with you to develop a prioritized list of things you want powered up or the appropriate size for a generator to power your entire property. With sophisticated power management modules you can have a smaller generator and function normally vs. the old days where you had to have a generator as big as your car.

What about my business?

Business owners can minimize or eliminate downtime or closing the office.
Most businesses rely on computers, servers, refrigeration, heating, and other appliances that will not run and might even get damaged during a power outage. During downtimes, you can choose to keep the very essentials running or more.

Did you know that every single cell site for our cell phones has generators with auto-transfer switches? This is why cell service can stay up longer during downtimes. They aren’t dependent upon the utility for their power.

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